Public letter from Javier Vega, the owner of missing Sheltie Leela

It has become somewhat calmer in the last few days and weeks around the Sheltie female Leela from Columbia which escaped during a walk beside the 2018 World Championship in Sweden. Even after four months and several sighting reports, she still runs around freely in the woods of Sweden. According to the search team in Sweden, Leela hasn’t moved now for several days. They think that she stay somewhere in a safe place and leaves that area only if it’s needed. This should also explain the significantly less visual sightings lately. Also the traps full of food do not bear fruit to catch the frightened dog in survival mode. Despite the cold temperatures in the Scandinavian winter and the ever-decreasing number of visual reports, everyone involved believes still in a happy ending. Therefore, Javier Vega, the owner of Leela will go to Sweden again to participate in the search. He wrote last weekend a public letter in which he said thanks to all the involved persons for their motivation and staying power during the last four months. But he even said thanks to all the other persons from all over the world which supported them in every possible way. Another reason for the letter was to explain and bring more clarity about the behavior of Leela. 2018 would have been the fourth World Championship for the 7-kilo sable female. We keep our fingers crossed that many more will follow and Leela find back to their owners.

Public letter from Javier Vega the owner of Leela

Four months ago was one of our worst days in the live, the day when in an unexpected way lost our Sheltie Leela. Since then and in spite of the situation Leela and us are lucky, because we count with the support and best energy of many people in Sweeden, Colombia and around the world. Many of you must have asked: Why is Leela acting in that way? Why is she scare about being closer from people? Why she didn’t allow caught her? Why she does not get inside of the traps in spite of delicious food? Javier and I have also that questions and we have been thinking the possible answers and to answer these questions, first we have to think and remember who is Leela.

Leela is a Shetland Sheepdog of 7 kilos, who was born in Colombia in 2011, since she was just a puppy always surprise us because is a really smart girl, she learned really easy everything that you try to teach her, she has a great memory to learn everything. Since that Leela was really young she shows us her agility skills and we are very proud of how so far she arrived, Leela has an important collection of medals and championships that she won and gave to Javier the opportunity to participate in Agility World Championship in 2015, 2016, 2017 and the last dream was in Sweeden 2018, all of them as part of small Colombia team.

We thought why Leela is scare about being closer from people? It is not an easy question, but we think that in spite that usually Leela is not the kind of girl who becomes scare about humans and she is a good girl with persons, she prefers to keep distance with people and she doesn’t like that people try to touch her; so it could be an answer to this question. Why she does not get inside of the traps? She is really smart, we think that it is possible that trap looks like the kennels and for sure she knows that kennel is the same that become locked, so her instinct should say not going inside and spite that the trap has food, for sure she is quite smart to find other resources to feed her.

The situation become more difficult to try to catch her, if we consider that she is a sport dog, so when she became lost, she was in really good health conditions, she is really fast and agile, so for that reason is harder trying to catch her. On the other side, in Sweden nothing is known for her, she is in an environment where the smells, places, colors, language are not similar to anything that she knows before, she could be tried to locate her, but nothing is going to be similar in order to follow that, for that reason she walks and walks and walks trying to find something known for her, sure a really scare situation for anyone.

We don’t lose hope to recover Leela, we just want to have the millionaire call that give to us the expected news that she was found and catch. Our family miss her a lot, the house is not the same without her, she is the leader of our group of 6 dogs, she is like the mom trying to put order in the house. Leela please come back at home, come back with your family, Leela let that people in Sweden help you. Please Go Back “Lili”. Katarina and Eva, we trust on both of you and believe in your job.

As alwyas, If you see Leela, please call immediately 070 896 9370.

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