Junior European Open get an upgrade and change name into Junior Open Agility World Championship

The Junior European Open will be upgraded for next year. The most obvious change is the new name. Instead of Junior European Open, as it was in the previous years where the event was designated as a counterpart to the European Open, the event is now renamed to Junior Open Agility World Championship. The addition Open remains in the name. In contrast to the official World Championship, participation in the tournament remains open to dogs without papers. The new Junior Open Agility World Championship will be held in Finland for the first time next year. The core of the event should remain the same as it was before. Around 500 teams from 25 countries are expected at the four-day event. Venue is the Hakunila Sports Park in Vantaa.

Source: https://www.agilityliitto.fi/uutiset/joawc2020_jarjestetaan_suomessa/

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