Junior European Open 2019: Czech Republic and France on the top of the medal table

In addition to their own performance, the strong team spirit at the Junior European Open has also a high priority. Even though each team is on their own during the run, everyone is thrilled together. Joy, sorrow and tears are close together. We also dare to take a look at the medal yield of children and teenagers over the past few days. At the top there was a head to head race between France and the Czech Republic through the whole tournament. Until the last decision it looked like a victory for the Czech Republic. But then emerged Cindy Duval from the 22nd place in Jumping up to the 3rd place overall in the Large tournament of under-19s. Thanks to this bronze medal, France compensates the statistics with a total of even 6 medals. 2 per rank. Behind the two follows Italy, who could win two gold medals by the youngest of the youngest.

Strong throughout the whole weekend and omnipresent Austria follows in third place with two gold medals. The first one was already safe on Saturday with the confident victory in the small team competition, which they could win with a big gap of second placed Russia. The second gold medal was also won in the small competition by Conni Raschbauer and LeGo. Austria is followed by Russia, usually candidate number 1 for the first place in this ranking. This year it was not quite enough, even they we’re strong again and collected also six medals. But this year, they won just one gold medal by Maksim Gushin. For comparison: In the last year, eight medals were awarded to Russia and this, although a total of three less awarded medals. Germany, among the adults for years the undisputed number 1, this year has grown significantly in the juniors. Host Country Switzerland achieves seventh place with a total of four medals. This year it hasn’t reached  in any category for the top podium place. The last two gold medals of the Swiss Juniors go now back to 2017.

Medal Table Junior European Open 2019

 Gold  Silver  Bronze
1 France 2 2 2
Czech Republic 2 2 2
2 Italy 2 1
3 Austria 2
4 Russia 1 3 2
5 Germany 1 2 1
6 Croatia 1
Netherland 1
7 Switzerland 1  3
8 Slovenia 1
9 Japan 1

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