Judges for the Junior European Open 2019 in Switzerland

There are more information about the tournament on the recently published homepage of the Junior European Open 2019 in Switzerland. Among other things, the four judges are known. Two of them, Urs Inglin and Jeannine Gloor are from Switzerland. Erika Szoboszlav comes from Hungary and the fourth in the group is Elena Dmitrochenko from Russia. It was already clear that the tournament will take place on the grounds of the Bodensee Arena and also uses parts of its infrastructure. Now were the exact rings announced. The Junior European Open will be held on a total of three football fields. The biggest of them, the FCK arena in which normally the home club FC Kreuzlingen plays has a little stand with 126 seats and 1,200 standing places. The second place also has 500 standing places. The smallest field of the three has an artificial turf. The two other places are all equipped with natural grass. The places are located directly on the lake basin.

Judges Junior European Open 2019:
 Jeannine Gloor
 Urs Inglin
 Elena Dmitrochenko
 Erika Szoboszlav

Source: https://www.jeo2019.com/en/

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