Janita Leinonen retires from international tournaments

Janita Leinonen announced the retirement of international tournaments late Saturday evening during the World Championship in their own country. Thus, the Individual Agility run with Border Collie Fu last Sunday was the Finn’s last appearance at an international tournament. As reasons for the retirement she mentioned among other things the travel stress associated with the events. At the same time she looks forward to the chance, to see new faces in the Finnish team. Janita Leinonen is one of the most well-known faces in Finland besides Elina Jänesniemi. Not least thanks to the founding of OneMind Dogs and the successful career. For 15 years, Janita Leinonen has been an integral part of World Championships, European Open, World Agility Open and many other big tournaments.

Today will be my last agility run in international arenas. 15 years in a row in AWC, EO, WAO, IFCS, BCC and/or Nordics. Thank you for my lovely dogs Cosmo, Hitti, Fu (and Omie, a loan dog for AWC, EO and Nordics in 2010) for making all these experiences possible. If I could have chosen any dog from a starting list to run with, it has always been just those dogs I had chosen beside me.

I was wondering if I felt sad, but I only feel relief to leave all travelling to others. So after this you’ll see new faces from Finland. Thank you all team members, team leaders, judges, organizers, supporters and fans for last 15 years. So today when I’ll wave after our run, it will be a goodbye wave for international arenas

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157666256359629&set=a.205929054628&type=3&permPage=1

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