Janakkala Open 2019: Second year with a majority of Finnish participation

Heini Lindholm, Stefan Fagerström and Tommi Raita-aho win the second edition of the Janakkala Open in Turenki, Finland. The tournament is considered a small gem in the tournament calendar and comes up with a great atmosphere and a carefully made judges selection. This year, they relied on Jan Egil-Eide, Ritva Herrala and World Championship Judge Sari Mikkilä. Due to the geographical location in Finland, the tournament is mostly occupied by Finnish and Estonian starters. Among the most well-known participants this year was the Swede Annika af Klercker and the Estonian Marje Piiroja, who had to score two disqualifications in the final with Dints and Süsi.

Large (full results)
gold Tommi Raita-aho with Böödi
silver Johanna Peltonen with Jolli
bronze  Kairi Sälik with Äschley

Medium (full results)
gold  Stefan Fagerström with Gizmo
silver  Tiina Jürjo with Mia
bronze  Taina Rantanen with Gráinne

Small (full results)
gold  Heini Lindholm with Aika
silver  Liivika Pärg with Mirka
bronze  Johanna Kauppinen with Nukka

Source: http://tolleri.net/tulospalvelu/tulokset.php?paiva=2019-08-04&jarjestaja_id=-1788153314#29

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