ISC 2019: Favorites stumble in the first team run and miss medals in the end

The first day of the International Sheltie Competition was all about the team competition. In the Medium tournament there was a home victory by Flurina Mühlebach, Margrit Korrodi, Sophie Lanari and Silvan Zumthurm from Switzerland. In the Small tournament the favored team around Enya Habel, Svetlana Kreslina, Pavol Vakonic and Becky Schiltz did not make it to catch up in jumping. Too many disqualifications from the first run took the team out of the standings. Instead, the team from Italy won around Laura Barlassina, Flavia Militto, Michele Marchetti and Sara Berti. Also part of the tournament are teams from first grade, which run in the junior classification. Silvia Kohler, Sascha Vadagnin, Michala Malá and GabyKerkhoffs won there as multinational team the Medium junior tournament. At the Junior Small Tournament, the Luxemburgish offspring provided gold. Natascha Seuré, Janina Schumacher, Sheryl Gaub and Valérie Gindt.

Team Medium (Full results)
gold F. Mühlebach, M. Korrodi, S. Lanari, S. Zumthurm
silver  P. Jenn, G. Nove-Jos, L. Crestey, A. Caclin
bronze  C. Cailler, A. Sansonnen, C. Golay, M. Savarino

Team Small (Full Results)
gold L. Barlassina, F. Militto, M. Marchetti, S. Berti
silver L. Crestey, E. Revil, S. Venat, C. Adyns
bronze J. Tambjerg, G. Hoffmeister, E. Jenny-Helfenstein

Team Medium junior (Full Results)
gold S. Kohler, S. Vadagnin, G. Kerkhoffs, M. Malá
silver J. Gloor, R. Küffer, M. Steiner, R. Wüthrich
bronze L. Wintersdorf, M. Berner, S. Jaberg, M. Lessure

Team Small junior (Full results)
gold N. Seuré, J. Schumacher, S. Gaub, V. Gindt
silver P. Schütz, L. Müller, C. Gross, E. Kirchdorfer
bronze P. Reichetzer, N. Spengler, C. Hotz,O. Santin Blanco


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