ISC 2019: Enya Habel and Stephanie Hundt are the new Sheltie World Champions

The last decisions in the Individual Competition of the International Sheltie Competition, also referred to as Sheltie World Championship have fallen. Enya Habel makes it through in the finals and clearly wins the Small tournament ahead of Claudia Schwab. Very close took Stephanie Hundt the victory in the Medium tournament. A few hundredths of a second decided there about gold and silver. The winners in the junior classes are Rahel Wüthrich (Medium) and Bernadette Parotte (Small).

As one of the first participants the Swede Eva Leandersson set a first time with Flyi which looked promising. However, these should not last too long. Svetlana Kreslina and Chi from Latvia take the lead with the starting number 8 and a time of 38.84. In the end, she should miss 0.05 seconds to third place, probably due to a small uncertainty in the middle of the course. After that, the top spots remained untouched for a long time. Eva Leandersson came with her second dog Wise, although once again in the vicinity, but only in third place until then.

With number 34, Claudia Schwab took the lead and improved the time to 38.48. Immediately the next competitor with the start number 35 from France, Pauline Mignot attacked the time of Claudia Schwab. In the end, 0.31 seconds were missing on the time of Claudia Schwab. At the start there were still Pavol Vakonic and Enya Habel. The Swede, who showed strong performances all weekend, also excelled in the final and ran perfectly clean and took the lead with more than a second ahead. A time that probably also Pavol Vakonic and Meryl can not beat under normal circumstances. After a mistake on the second jump by them, it was clear that Enya Habel is the new Sheltie World Champion 2019.

Small (Full results)
gold Enya Habel with Party
silver  Claudia Schwab with Mitch
bronze  Pauline Mignot with Mag

Final run from Enya Habel and Party

There was another interesting decision for the spectators in the Medium finale. While the Small finalists showed less  problems with the course, there were a lot of failures in the Medium finale, judged by Martin Eberle. In the end, there were only six clean runs. One of them was set early by the American Marcy Mantell and Stripe. The biggest favorite Tamara Sedlmaier, who was able to qualify for the final at the last minute in the repechage run, also failed narrowly. Jessica Flouret and Tayola took the lead in the tournament for a long time with a time of 43.06. A time that was undercut by almost four seconds later. With start number 31, Maurice Münch from Germany set a new record time with Twix. The audience celebrated the time of 40.50 amid thunderous applause.

Satu Tuomela and Iona from Finland almost undercut that time as the third-last runner. In the end, her time was just enough for the fourth place. After this run was at least the place on the podium for Maurice Münch sure. At the start where now only Brenda Benatti and Stephanie Hundt. So the title went pretty sure to one of the three countries, Germany, France or Switzerland. Brenda Benatti and Fast as second last team kept their nerves and put on a brilliant run. 39.69 was now the time to beat from them. And in fact Stephanie Hundt did not let anything burn anymore and crossed the finish line in 39.65. It was the next big international success with Navy for the Swiss, after the second place at the Norwegian Open 2017.

Medium (Full results)
gold Stephanie Hundt with Navy
silver Brenda Benatti with Fast
bronze Maurice Münch with Twix

Medium Junior (Full results)
gold Rahel Wüthrich with Soon
silver Caroline Leboucq with Lexane
bronze Michala Malá with Wonder

Small Junior (Full results)
gold Bernadette Parotte with Quiz
silver Jessica Pätzold with Jeannie
bronze Sheryl Gaub with Scape

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