Int. Sheltie Competition 2018: Who will be the two new winners?

Today the international Sheltie Competition 2018 starts in the Italian Dog City in Soliera. Already certain is the fact that on Sunday evening we will definitely have a new winner in the two categories Small and Medium. Neither Natascha Seuré with New and even Linda Enberg with Zima try to defend the title from last year in Belgium. The judges are Livia P. Piccinni from Italy, Lorenzo Celic also from Italy and Frank Gers from Belgium. The venue of the ISC 2018, the Dog City is located in the northern part of Italy near Modena. As in previous years, there is a team ranking in addition to the individual classification. Last year, the title went to France and in the Small category to the host country Belgium. keeps you updated over the weekend.

ISC 2018

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