Int. Poodle Competition 2020: Postponement after overlap

The fifth edition of the international Poodle Agility tournament in Switzerland should have been held from September 19th to 20th. The date was published as early as possible last September. So a good year before the actual tournament would be held. In the past few weeks, the Swiss Agility Association (TKAMO) has published the date for the Swiss Agility Championship and has chosen the same weekend of September 19 and 20. Although the tournament is not directly in conflict with the National Championship, a significant part of the volunteers, the judges and the support of the hall operators of the Swiss Dog Arena, who take part in the national championships, would be gone. Likewise, a large part of the poodle teams from the host country would very probably not be represented either.

The Organizing Committee immediately contacted TKAMO and asked for a postponement of the Swiss Agility Championship. Especially since in recent years, these have only taken place in October or November. However, one fell on deaf ears. As an emergency solution, the international Poodle Agility Competition 2020 has now been postponed to October 10th and 11th. The same weekend when the Norwegian Open and in Slovakia the X-Bionic Agility Open take place. The latter tournament is popular especially with the many strong and fast poodles from Hungary.


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