Hungary National Championship 2018: Results and winners

Last weekend, the Hungarian National Championships took place in the Főnix Arena (also the venue of the Hungarian Open 2019). András Bögre with Pitta wins the Large Tournament. Eszter Judit Kovács wins with Tep in the new Medium + category. Árpád Pirity with Leon is the winner of the Medium category, Réka László with Lyn of the Small category.

Large (Full results)
gold  András Bögre with Pitta
silver  Péter Hámori  with Füli
bronze  Lili Fodor with Damil

Medium + (Full results)
gold Eszter Judit Kovács with Tep
silver  Viktória Benedek with Naty
bronze  Zoltán Nagy with Tutti

Medium (Full results)
gold Árpád Pirity with Leon
silver Niki Szigeti with Lulu
bronze  András Bögre with Luca

Small (Full results)
gold Réka László with Lyn
silver Katalin Farkas with Kleo
bronze  Zsombor László with Kass


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