Hungarian Open 2019: There is no way around these ten Large teams

We have already introduced our Top 5 of the Medium and Small categories. Of course we do not want to deny you the favorites in the large tournament. It was especially hard to make a choice. Anyway, finding the best five or ten in this abundance of strong teams is almost an impossibility. Ultimately, the shape of the day, luck or bad luck and many other factors determine about success or failure. Unlike the other two categories, last year’s winners will not compete this year. Respectively Nina Gregl will not start with Wisp, but with Wai and Ris.


 Lisa Frick with Jack
Lisa Frick and Jack are considered future champions anyway. Therefore, it is not surprising that we see Lisa Frick as the biggest favorit for this tournament.
 Iwona Golab with Applause
Not only visually differs Applause from all the Border Collies. Also, the unmistakable running style of the two is unique and nice to look at. And the running style is not just nice, its fast too. No wonder we have to include them in our top 10.
 Daniela Lehrer with Tippi
There are dogs and dogs. Tippi is one of those who have an incredible acceleration. There is even one or the other bow in it. However, the team together is still very young and inexperienced But if they get through, then we should have the two on our list.
 Veronika Kralikova with BEE
The woman with the long and fast legs. Although BEE is extremely fast, the Slovak is always in the right place. With their unmistakable handling style, the team has already run into the hearts of the audience in Sweden at the World Championships. And honestly – It’s just nice to watch the two running.

 Nina Gregl with Wai
Nina Gregl won the title last year with Wisp. Even if she does not start with Wisp anymore this year, she belongs with Wai to the narrower circle of favorites. She is the only one in our list that counts with two dogs (Boom in Medium) to the favorite circle.
 Tamas Traj with Riu
Home game and for once the Ungare can concentrate fully on running instead of judging at the same time as it was for example on last years Moravia Open. And who knows the team, knows that the two can be extremely fast.
 Tereza Kralova with Say
Actually, we have not much to say to the two. World Champion and winner of the European Open 2017. And with the victory at the Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf, Austria, the two have already started strongly into the new year. It would be a surprise to not see them in the final.
 Anita Szilagyi with Dita
It is said that Anita Szilagyi work meticulously on subtleties. At the 2017 World Championships, she positioned herself in second place in the agility run. So there is a lot of potential and a victory in the hometown would be a particularly nice side effect.
 Zeljko Gora with Gunga
Often the Croatian is not on the bill for a victory. And then he and Gunga are always there. That is one of the reason, beside the really good handling and experience that he is on our list aswell. But here, the course will decides about the time.
 Aleksandra Gronek with Deal
Aleksandra Gronek may not be that famous in some parts of Europe. Deal, the four-year-old Border Collie is in his prime, fast and extremely agile. Perfect to win the Hungarian Open 2019.

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