Hungarian Open 2019: Tereza wins also the second tournament of the year – Enya defies injury

It was the weekend of Tereza Pospěchová Králová and Enya Habel. The Swede won all races on the first day and dominated the field during the whole tournament. She also brought the run in the final, despite an injury somehow to the finish. The Large winner Tereza Pospěchová Králová and Say also presented themselves again in top form. Barbora Kozlová even from the Czech Republic won with Sheltie Jai in the medium tournament.

Tereza Pospěchová Králová wins the second title after the opening victory in Austria at the Magna Racino. The two showed in spite of minor health problems from Tereza in best shape. During the races was nothing to see from them. The Czech with the black Panther on the side ran for once unusually a lot. A new style of handling? Today and yesterday the style was at least very successful. She wins with slightly more than a second ahead of second-placed Joanna Fischer with Lexi from Poland. Third is Iwona Golab with Applause. Unfortunate fourth is Lisa Frick with Jack.

Large (Full results)
gold  Tereza Pospěchová Králová with Say
gold Joanna Fischer with Lexi
gold  Iwona Golab with App

Last year’s Medium winner Fodor Csilla with Fény could not defend her title this year after a disqualification. Their place was taken today by the Czech Barbora Kozlová with Jai. Only Jocke Tangfelt from Sweden was faster in the final. But he and Harald made a mistake. Second is Olga Kwiecien with Brava in front of Daša Zakotnik and Kas from Slovenia.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Barbora Kozlová with Jai
gold  Olga Kwiecien with Brava
gold  Daša Zakotnik with Kas

Actually, it was already clear on Saturday that Enya Habel and Party can only beat themselves in the final. And indeed, everything pointed to that before the final. Enya suffered a minor muscle injury. Although nothing bad, but still a handicap in the final. Somehow, the two brought the run to the finish line. Despite handicap and strangely seeming handling, the two still won the tournament very clearly. Second is the winner of the previous year. Denisa Lajmarová with Rally with two second residue – a half world in agility. Third is Lizandra Ströhle with Lou. It is also the last team without any time fault. The finale was marked anyway by many failures.

Small (Full results)
gold  Enya Habel with Party
gold Denisa Lajmarová with Rally
gold  Lizandra Ströhle with Lou

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