Hungarian Open 2019: Let’s have a look at the small and medium teams

The second stop in the international tournament calendar is the Hungarian Open in Székesfehérvár near the Hungarian capital Budapest. During two days, Főnix Gold SE, usually a football hall, will be hosting the Agility tournament. The high-caliber field of participants promises plenty of excitement and action. Reason enough to look at the favorites in all size categories. We start with the categories Small and Medium. As a reminder last year, Csilla Fodor with Fény (Medium) and Denisa Lajmarovà with Rally (Small) won it. And both competitors will start again this year. Of course there are many more strong teams which are not in our list.


 Nina Gregl with Boom
As winner of last years Norwegian Open you have to count them automatically as favorites. There is also plenty of experience.
 Fodor Csilla with Fény
Last year’s winning team with home advantage. Whether this is positive or negative we will see that fact during the tournament.
 Lukas Aigner with Peach
The two Austrians should be on the bill too. The now 6 year old Mudi female is considered very experienced. Last year, both started at the World Championship and the European Open.
 Roman Maruszczak with EVO
The two can look back on several World Championships and European Open. Even though Agility Sport has changed a lot over the years, EVO and Roman are still a secret favorite after ten years. Can the two crown their careers with another success?
 Sanni Kariniemi with Stig
The arrival from Finland is not done that quickly – but shows the motivation behind this trip. On Thursday in Tamas Trajs trainings, the two presented themselves in top form and as a team.


 Denisa Lajmarova with Rally
Apart from last year’s title, the two are anyway close to the favorites. Even though the competition is one step higher this year. In the last year, the two reached beside the victory of the Hungarian Open the third place at Moravia Open.
 Conni Raschbauer with LeGo
A young team which was part in the winning Austrian team at the European Open last year. Whether the nerves participate? Anyway, the team has for sure the potential to win a tournament like this.
Maruša Podjed with Nai
The little bustling Merle Sheltie showed his speed impressively at the European Open 2018. Anyone who can win a tournament of this size is one of the favorites anyway. And with Maruša, Nai has an experienced handler on the side who shows almost none nerves.
 Enya Habel with Party
A young team with her first World Cup participation in the back. Even if they have might to learn there the hard way of Agility. But all the peoples who knows the two, knows that they are on the top with a clean run. The team could win last years HulaHopp in Sweden.
 Lizandra Ströhle with Lou
Simply because Germany always wins in the end anyway and Tobias Wüst is not there. No. Of course not because of that. Lizandra Ströhle had an eventful year behind with her two Shelties. A longer visit in the USA and various tournament participations. For example the Amadeus Cup or the Crufts. Let’s see how the two have prepared for the year 2019.

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