Hungarian National Championship 2019: The new champions and a special award for Veronika Nagy

Also in Hungary, the national championships took place last week. The four new champions are Anita Szilágyi in Large, Zsuzsanna Kovács in the new Medium plus category, Vivien Tóth in Medium and in the Small Competition Dalma Naggyőr. The tournament was held in the Phoenix Arena, where also the Hungarian Open occur. In addition to the national winners of the four size categories in Hungary, the best judge of the year will also be awarded. This year, this award goes to Veronika Nagy. During the tournament itself, she was not in use. Instead, Stefanie Semkat from Germany and Erika Juhászné Szoboszlay from Hungary.

gold Anita Szilágyi with Dita
silver  Anita Káli with Nash
bronze  Lilla Szokol with Cassidy

Medium plus
gold Zsuzsanna Kovács with Hédi
silver Krisztina dr. Landauer with Pakli
bronze Daniella Orsolya Tamás with Füge

gold Vivien Tóth with Ensley
silver Petra Bacsúr with Süti
bronze Árpi Burján with Pötty

gold Dalma Naggyőr with Welle
silver Réka László with Lyn
bronze Mónika Pataki with Spyki


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