HulaHopp 2020 announced: Sweden’s biggest tournament

In biennial rhythm takes the HulaHopp Competition place in Sweden. It is the largest tournament in the country. The edition 2020 will no longer take place in Kungälv as it has done 2016 and 2018. The new location will be the town of Hässleholm. One reason of the change is the better infrastructure, as this was possible in Kungälv the years before. Hässleholm is also geographically much easier to reach for many Europeans. It is located also in southern Sweden, but much further south.

As it was in the past years, there will be again expected around 500 starters and some international stars and international judges. In addition, there will be plenty of prize money to be won in 2020 as well. The tournament will take place from 7 to 12 July. That means it is overlapping with the new format of the Junior European Open, the Junior Open Agility World Championship. Registrations can be made via the registration platform

Judges HulaHopp 2020
Esa Muotka
Reeta Pirttikoski
Hugo Santos
Mark Fonteijn
Renan Campos
Bonnik Berthelsen


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