Gold Rush Competition 2019: Amarylis Debry provides variety in the final

The Gold Rush Competition 2019 provided as in the year before a decent firework at the end of the year. On the athletic side and also the special atmosphere around the tournament. Enya Habel, James Adams and Amarylis Debry win the last big tournament of 2019 in their respective categories. Most teams failed in the final, which was set by Eva Waldmeier at a key point after the dogwalk, where it went straight into the slalom. However, the final course created a lot of excitement for the spectators on site as well as for the peoples on the live stream.

Tereza Kralova mastered this key point, but subsequently lost a lot of time when she positioned herself incorrectly after the slalom. She managed the interim lead with only a few people left in the waiting area. But one of them was the later winner Amarylis Debry with Malinois Ivy as the only non-border collie in the Large final. Thanks to a perfect run with a lead of 0.10 seconds over Tereza Kralova, she won the title and 900 euros. Also third placed Rebecca Kowalski with Liv from Germany was also only a few tenths of a second away from victory. Favorites like Nadine Alshut and Cinna, André Mühlebach and Lyn and a few others, was the tournament between dogwalk and slalom over. The dogs either threaded the wrong way or came too fast and skipped the second pole. Or in the case of local Nadine Alshut and Cinna, the obstacle was even taken from the opposite direction.

gold  Amarylis Debry with Ivy
gold  Tereza Kralova with Say
gold  Rebecca Kowalski with Liv

The Medium tournament was eagerly awaited for the small repetition of the 2018 World Championship in Sweden, where Ina Himle and Silas Boogk completed the individual jumping with the exact same time. Both were also at Gold Rush Competition this year and qualified for the final. There, however, both failed almost at the same place. For Ina Himle there was a missed contact on the dogwalk and later a refusal. Silas Boogk and Beam also missed the slalom and repeated the sequence. Silvan Zumthurm also failed at the slalom with Idy, who also showed strong runs throughout the whole weekend. In the end, James Adams and Willow remained the only team to successfully complete the final run in the Medium category. Behind him, Klaus Käsgen with Aira and the slightly faster time came second, but they also made a mistake. Also five error points were on the account for third-placed Sami Suvanto and Siili. He competed at the Agility World Championships in Finland this year as a white dog.

gold  James Adams with Willow
gold  Klaus Käsgen with Aira
gold  Sami Suvanto with Siili

It was very different in the Small tournament where there were significantly more clean runs. Above all that of Enya Habel and Party. After the International Sheltie Competition in Switzerland, they competed where they stopped and also won the next tournament in which  the duo participated. With a 2.09 second lead over Stephanie Hering and Lias and a 3.01 second lead over Maik Brands and Sissy, the finale was a clear affair. There was also almost a second between 2nd and 3rd place. For Max Sprinz and Sheltie Make, the first major international appearance ended without a podium. Even the two had a  clean run in the final, but there was some time missing. For those who missed the finals, there is the possibility to check the runs in the VOD again. We have added this to you below.

gold  Enya Habel with Party
gold  Stephanie Hering with Lias
gold  Maik Brands with Sissy

Gold Rush 2019 Finals

Gold Rush 2019FinalsJudge: Philipp Müller-Schnick

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