Gold Rush Competition 2018: The first 20 grams of gold were given to the best teams

The Gold Rush Competition is the last big tournament of 2018. And also otherwise is the event in the German HSZ hall a special one – according to the motto gold. On the first day, there was only the team competition where the best 20% teams from the Agility run could qualify them for the final. The Medium and Small category are running together in the same team. In the enjoyment of 10 grams of gold can be the team around the two germans Anne Lenz and Christiane Fischbach and the Belgium Olivier Maunaert. It’s the second title for Anne Lenz between one week – after the Amadeus World Cup in Salzburg last weekend. The Medium and Small tournament goes to the French and German Team around Silas Boogk, Caroline Canchy, Pauline Mignot and Maxime Parraud.

Team Large
gold   A. Lenz, C. Fischbach, O. Maunaert, A. Lenz,
gold  N. Alshut, P. Müller-Schnick, M. Sprinz, T. Wüst
gold   A. af Klercker, Y. Hägele, C. Klingberg, V. Walter

Team Medium/Small
gold  S. Boogk, C. Canchy, P. Mignot, M. Parraud
gold  L. Petrat, B. Schröder, Y. Bormann, S. Zumthurm
gold  M. Fournier, F. Zanti, Marine B.-T., G. Sicignano

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