Gold Rush Competition 2018: Conciliatory conclusion for Tereza Kralova

Tereza Kralova wins the Gold Rush Competition 2018 with Border Collie Say in the large tournament. For them, the year 2018 ends with the title in Germany with a success. Otherwise the year was sporty seen full of highs and lows. Daniel Schröder finish his year with another title in the medium category. One of a lot in the last months for him and Sheltie Cashew. In the Small tournament could Lizandra Ströhle win the tournament in front of the two Frenchmen Maxime Parraud and Sophie Lafond. All three winners won each 20g gold in the value of currently about 700 euro. The second place got 2,5g gold, which is about 100 euro. The competition in Wülfrath in the modern HSZ was this year again really impressive with a strong organization behind. Even some little problems with the electricity during the after-party on Saturday evening did not detract anyone from the good mood.

gold  Tereza Kralova with Say
gold  Jana Kniest with Gwen
gold  Adrian Bajo Alonso with Sucre

gold  Daniel Schröder with Cashew
gold  Nina Gregl with Boom
gold  Michel Frey with Queen

gold  Lizandra Ströhle with Lou
gold  Maxime Parraud with Kawaii
gold  Sophie Lafond with Laser

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