Germany’s national team stands, while the qualification mode comes under fire

No other country has been as successful in recent years as Germany at the Agility World Championships. The team that could qualify this year for the World Championship in Finland also want to build on these successes. And in comparison to the previous year, there should follow also a gold medal again. As usual in Germany, the final took place within the exhibition Hund und Katz in the exhibition hall in Dortmund. In the pre-qualification, only the seats for the European Open and the final were already awarded. The Large Team for Germany consists of Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi, Christiane Fischbach with Jive, Max Sprinz with Bäxx and Mona Grefenstein with Qju, who were finally able to qualify for the World Championship after much bad luck in recent years. As a reserve team Nadine Hartlieb travels to Finland.

The biggest surprise was in the medium finale. Ironically, the 2017 world champion and generally favorite Daniel Schröder with cashew missed the entry into the national team. Now Germany’s hopes rest on Silas Boogk with Beam, Bozena Schröder with Puck, Stephanie Schlühr with Lif and Karin Hellriegel with Gimmick. Franziska Arndt closes the team as a reserve. Bozena Schröder was almost able to qualify with both dogs for the medium and small team. With Cap, who was in the previous year in Sweden part of the team, but this time she has to deal with the substitute bench. Tobias Wüst with Dörte, Jule Ullrich with Lee, Saskia Laudenberg with Dunja, and Lizandra Ströhle with Lou are also in attendance.

After the surprisingly non-qualification of Daniel Schröder and Cashew, people started already to criticizing the system. During all 8 heats the German was practically unbeatable. He secured with a huge points cushion the entry into the final round in Dortmund. According to the rules, however, the accumulated points from the prequalification expire. And on the final weekend it went for them as planned. Even with Gin he had to end the mission World Championship 2019 prematurely due to injury of Gin. But he took this loss sporty and fair and offered himself as a white dog for the World Championship.

 Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
Mona Grefenstein with Qju
Christiane Fischbach with Jive
Max Sprinz with Bäxx
Nadine Hartlieb with Anakin (reserve)

Silas Boogk with Beam
Bozena Schröder with Puck
Stephanie Schlühr with Lif
Karin Hellriegel with Gimmick
Franziska Arndt with Tic Tac (reserve)

Tobias Wüst with Dörte
Jule Ullrich with Lee
Saskia Laudenberg with Dunja
 Lizandra Ströhle with Lou
 Bozena Schröder with Cap (reserve)

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