German Classics 2019: Nadine Alshut and Cinna win the first title together

The German Classics are next to the national championships the most important tournament in Germany. The tournament, which took place in Mending was held for the 15th time this year. And for the first time ever Nadine Alshut and Cinna managed to win a big tournament. And it was more than clear with 2.45 seconds ahead of place two out of two runs. The first big and long overdue victory, brought the new winner in a first statement also to speek: «Finally, Cinna and I have managed to get a title! We won the Jumping and thus started as the last team in the A-run … and in what sort of way. But fighting was worth it. Oh, I’m so happy – Cinna is just something special for me!» Behind them are the places two to six within a few seconds. One of them was Anne Lenz and Itzi Bitzi, who left Jeremias Simson and Peach behind by just 0.04 seconds.

Similarly clear was the victory of Daniela Bretschneider with Mo in the Medium tournament. But this was mainly due to the fact that the two were the only team that remained clean after both runs. The big favorite for the title was Daniel Schröder and Cashew. Despite four clean runs with absolute best time out of a total of six, was missing a little bit of luck in the end. The mistakes committed the duo at the wrong moment. The luck, which the two missed this year one or the other time. «On the one hand, I’m very proud of my dogs’ performance, but on the other hand, I actually did a good job too, but there where two places during the runs, where I wasn’t at the point precisely enough and thus nicked the title defense in the individual and also in the team», says the sportsman self-critically in the social media. Also the other big favorite Silas Boogk brought in the final only one run to the finish.

While others blundered, Tobias Wüst and Dörte were once again clean and took another title home this year. He only could beat himself. In the end, he kept his nerves and ran with a 15-second lead out of both runs to the finish and wins the German Classics in Small. With this projection, there is no need for any special words. Instead, Germany’s most successful Agility athlete thanked both judges Susanne Nieder and Bernd Maul for the course and left his own performance in the background. Behind Tobias Wüst was Evelin Wahlert with Yoyo on the second place and Andrea Schmalenbeck with Ni’rti on the third place.

Large (Full results)
gold  Nadine Alshut with Cinna
silver  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
bronze  Jeremias Simson with Peach

Medium (Full results)
gold  Daniela Bretschneider with Mo
silver Nadine Friesel with Kiwi
bronze  Annette Erb with Florence

Small (Full results)
gold  Tobias Wüst with Dörte
silver Evelin Wahlert with Yoyo
bronze Andrea Schmalenbeck with Ni’rti

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