Galican has successfully tested the first electronic dogwalk

The Spanish market leader in Agility equipment Galican successfully used and tested the first electronic dogwalk by them. The dogwalk is already delivered to Luxembourg to the Agility Club Beetebourg. There have already been various attempts and attempts by other manufacturers before, some of them were more or less successful. But the system has never prevailed until today. Neither at World Championships nor at other important tournaments. The newly developed dogwalk should function reliably in all weight classes and at all points compared to previous types.


The dogwalk itself is weatherproof, but not the control unit located below the dogwalk. However, this is protected from light rain due to the placement. Whether the dog has touched the contact zone or not can be determined either by an acoustic signal that can be heard by everyone or via a vibrant band that the judge wears.

Jaime Otero Boquete, one of the owners of Galican, also published a video at the beginning of last week in which he presented the new tire. This should be even safer and more easily adjustable than the current version.



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