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So the qualifying weekend for the Swedish national team is now done, and as with all competitions you get a few sour faces at the system that is used to determine the team.

Therefore I am now wondering what types of qualifying is used in other countries? In Sweden we have 1 weekend , and some aren't satisfied by this and the argument is at times that other countries don't do it like this (though what countries are seldom mentioned).

So what type of system does your country use to determine its national team? And do you think it's a good system?

We have changed our system in Switzerland this year. Now it is quite similar to Germany. The teams need to pre-qualify on 2 weekends. The first two places of this prequalification are already sure to go to the World Championships as a team runner. Depending on the placement, there are corresponding points. There are also combination points, but they are less heavily weighted.

The top 20 (medium and small) and the best 40 (large) teams in the prequalification move into the final, where the individual runners are determined.

But as with you, there are also pros and cons in this system. What if someone confidently denies the qualification and regularly collects points, but for example, missed one of the two spots for running into the team competition. And then in the final, he/she doesn't collect any more points for a place as an individual runner. Then the performance from the prequalification was for nothing ... I think it was kind of the same in Germany this year with Daniel Schröder and Cashew - a team which should be on an AWC if you really want to send the best. But otherwise, that's why there is a qualification. So in a way everyone has the same chances.

But a single weekend, as it is in Sweden is hard. See Annika...

In Estonia we don't have these typical qualifications as most of the other countries have. Our system is based on all the competition within a year. There we can collect points (the points depends about how many competitors there are) for the overall ranking. We even can collect points from abroad.

I would say the system is not that bad. You even can collect points when your dog is once injured or yourself. And in the last years, I would say there were always the right persons at the AWC.

But of course, you can improve that system too