FMBB 2020 is taking place, but not as planned in Romania

The FMBB 2020 should actually have held in spring 2020 in Romania. A good six months before now, it has now been decided to cancel the event in Romania. Instead of 2020, the Romanians are now aiming for the year 2022 in Eastern Europe. This was announced by the chairman of the Fédération Mondiale du Berger Belge Geert Bouckaert on the official homepage. The exact reasons for this were not mentioned. Apparently, in Romania, they simply were not, or not yet, ready for an event of this magnitude. At the same time, it is pointed out in the brief message that despite a short-term cancellation, the Belgian Shepherd World Championships will be held in 2020 for sure. Currently, talks are being held with three other nations.

We have mistaken described Geert Bouckaert as chairman of the FMBB. In fact, he is the secretary of the FMBB. We also point to his comment below this news.



  1. Hi Editor of this Agility Now website.
    First and foremost I would like you to spread no untruths about the FMBB and their world championships.

    Romenia was indeed a good candidate, but was never published as a definitive organizer!

    The organizer in Romania was certainly ready. The reasons why they cannot organize is completely different from what you insultly write in your article.

    I am also not the chairman of the FMBB but the secretary.

    Good advice to you, Mr Editor … first of all make sure that your information is correct before spreading lies, belittling organizations and presenting people as liars.

    With best regards,
    Geert Bouckaert
    FMBB Secretary.

    • First of all, thanks for the response to our post. Because you attack us (or our editor) directly, we will give our statement to that case. First, all our information relates to the official source of the FMBB Homepage – as we do that in almost all our news, that people have the chance to do an own picture ( And yes, we also had more information that we haven’t published. Generally we don’t publish anything before it is official…

      Secondly, we do not attack the FMBB or the Organizing Committee in Romania in this news. I can’t find a place where you see a lie, belittling the organization or where we even present persons as liars. In general, the FMBB has a very high status in our coverage (in comparison to similar events) and we like to report about it. At the same time we also know about the enormous effort behind such a big event like the FMBB.

      Third, we apologize for the mistake of calling you FMBB Chairman. We stand by our mistakes, especially as we do everything here (and I think you know that very well as FMBB secretary) part-time in our spare time. Nevertheless, we try to keep the quality of information as high as possible. We have added the information about the fault to describe you as chairman below. In addition, we have pointed to your comment there too.

      Best regards.

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