FMBB 2019: Too many participants – Opening ceremony canceled

What sounds like an April Fool’s joke at the first moment is none. The organizers of the FMBB 2019 in the Czech Republic announced today a change in the schedule. Namely, throwing the opening ceremony of the program and waives the solemn entry of the nations. This step became necessary according to the organizers, as more and more participants have registered for the competition. Especially the number of participants in the Mondioring section led to this serious step in the end. Otherwise, the schedule on Tuesday wouldn’t be possible, and then on the next few days as well. As a small consolation, the closing ceremony of the World Championships for the Belgian Shepherd Dogs will continue as planned. The FMBB 2019 will take place from the 8th to the 12th of May in the Czech Pisek.


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