FMBB 2019: Second day and second chance to get a ticket for the final

LiveYesterday’s kick-off of the Agility Competitions at the FMBB already provided some spectacle. Today follows the second qualification jumping and later in the afternoon the Agility run. Yesterdays Agility individual run caused a lot of failures on the first day. The teams quarreled with the course of the German judge Stefanie Semkat. Today is the last chance for one of the coveted Final Tickets. Likewise, the first medal decision in the team competition will be already made today. Finland is currently leading there, ahead of France and Estonia. But there are still a lot of teams within reach for one of the top three places. So tension is guaranteed.

18:30 What a finale in the Czech Republic at the first medal decision. Finland lose the lead after a not quite perfect agility run to Estonia. The Estonians once again show a constant and fast performance and win the gold medal. France, which was second after jumping, can not benefit from the Finns. But they stay in second place overall. Finland can save in the end the third place. Just past the podium is the local hero Czechia, who made a strong last run.

FMBB 2019 Team Competition
gold  Estonia (Marje Piiroja, Reet Volt, Taavi Vaino)
gold  France (Celine Richer, Valérie Ricard, Patrice Challier, Jérémy Lisbet)

gold  Finland (Tanja Lehto, Kim Kurkinen, Antti Kurvinen, Asko Salmi)

18:00 The Czech Republic takes the lead in front of Hungary. Third is Germany. A bad second run hat the competitors from the Netherland. Actually they are on the sixth place.

1.  Czech Republic
2.  Hungary
3.  Germany
4.  Italy
5.  Poland
6.  Netherland


1.  Germany
2.  Italy
3.  Poland
4.  Hungary

5.  Sweden
6.  Lithuania

17:00 The first four teams have started into the final run for the team competition.

16:20 The last qualification run for the individual tournament is over. Kateřina Burdová wins in front of Finish Christa Savolainen and Michal Brych.

 Dog Time  Faults Refusal
1 Kateřina Burdová Pepper 41.06 0 0
2  Christa Savolainen Cava 42.16 0 0
3 Michal Brych Müsli 42.25 0 0
4 Marje Piiroja Dints 42.39 0 0
5 Alexandrine Huitorel Hup 43.07 0 0
6  Roswitha Mettler Daskia 44.72 0 0
14:50 Michal Brych is second and secures Czech Republic the current double lead after 90 teams. Gábor Csermely from Hungary is also new in the top 10 as currently seventh.

14:00 The agility run is currently in full swing and once again there is an Estonian dominance. Although Marje Piiroja does not lead, she is again on the podium. His compatriot Reet Volt is also in fifth place. At the moment, just over half of the teams have started. The lead has Kateřina Burdová.

13:45 Of course, we will give you the results of the second qualification jump of this morning. From now on we are back live for you with the Agility run.

 Dog Time  Faults Refusal
1 Ivo Wijns Dolce 36.81 0 0
2 Nikola Banotová Cody 37.19 0 0
Dieter Heinrich Kila 37.19 0 0
4 Marje Piiroja Dints 37.43 0 0
5 Vanessa Simonnet Jeezy 37.84 0 0
6 Margot Hoekstra Bliska 38.43 0 0


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