FMBB 2019: Marje Piiroja secures Estonia after yesterday’s team medal also individual gold

The Estonian fairy tale at the World Championship of Belgian Shepherds goes into the next round with the victory of Marje Piiroja and Dints in the individual competition. With a victory in jumping she sets the foundation for her success. Even though it was not quite enough to win the Agility run, she is in first place in the overall standings. In front of Finland’s Kim Kurkinen, who was also present the whole weekend, with Groenendael Zorro. The third place goes also to the Baltics to the Lithuanian Jolanta Janušauskiene with Tizin Tychka. The German Ulrike Ewers missed the podium because of 1.28 seconds, which she looses over the two runs. The fifth place, also occupied by Marje Piiroja, is already the first with a mistake. Without this mistake she would have made the double victory perfect.

FMBB 2019 Individual Competition (Full results)
gold  Marje Piroja with Dints
gold  Kim Kurkinen with Zorro

gold Jolanta Janušauskiene with Tizin Tychka

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