FMBB 2019 in the football stadium from Písek

Until now, there was not much known about the upcoming World Championship of Belgian Shepherds (FMBB). Only that the World Championship will take place in the Czech Republic. But now the organizers have published more information about the tournament. The venue is the small town Písek with a population of 30’000 peoples, in the western part of the Czech Republic, near the German border. The event takes place on four football fields in the “Městský sportovní areál”. The IPO competitions will take place in the Athletics Arena, while the Agility and Obedience competitions will be held in the main stadium. The Mondioring and show events are on two adjacent courts. Also, the three agility judges were announced, which decide from 8 to 12 May about mistakes or clean runs.

Judges FMBB 2019
 Stefanie Semkat
 Jaroslava Podmolová
 Lenka Pánková

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