FMBB 2019: FMBB board’s statement about cancelling open ceremony

After it was announced today, that the opening ceremony was canceled due to too many participants and resulting bottlenecks in the schedule, there is now an official statement of the organizers. In it, they explain the exact reasons for canceling the opening ceremony. We like to present you the statement at this point. Also as an example of a successful communication of an organizer.

Statement FMBB board (original text)

The FMBB board has decided to cancel the opening ceremony scheduled for Tuesday.

This is because this year many more participants registered than expected. All participants of all disciplines can be viewed at

All information about this world championship, the location, the terrains, the accommodation, etc. can be found on

For some, this seems like a wrong decision, but know that it has many advantages. In the past, only a small part of the participants could participate in the opening ceremony. The reason for this is the different days on which the different disciplines are started. A big advantage is the time saved, but even more so is the additional stress for all participants who have to walk their dog in this opening ceremony. The closing ceremony will of course be retained, this is and remains the capstone of an international happening of lovers of our Belgian Shepherd Dog !!

The board


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