FMBB 2019: Estonia wins the team competition

The first decision in the Czech Republic has been made. Estonia wins after two runs the team competition ahead of France and Finland. Curiously, the ranking after the Jumping on Friday was exactly the other way around. Finland secured victory over France and Estonia. The latter, secured the victory in the decisive Agility run with the first place. France and Finland are pawing in this. The former pick up a mistake and some overtime, while Finland’s faultscore increases by 10 points. In the Agility run, these were still the fifth and sixth places. In the end, it was precisely these points that made the difference. Estonia, around Marje Piiroja, Reet Volt and the young Taavi Vaino win the first medal in the Czech Pisek. The home team from the Czech Republic and last year’s winner of the FMBB narrowly miss the podium with fourth place.

FMBB 2019 Team Competition (Full results)
gold  Estonia (Marje Piiroja, Reet Volt, Taavi Vaino)
gold  France (Celine Richer, Valérie Ricard, Patrice Challier, Jérémy Lisbet)

gold  Finland (Tanja Lehto, Kim Kurkinen, Antti Kurvinen, Asko Salmi)

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