Finland’s national television station plans a one-hour AWC summary

Finnish state broadcaster Yle will broadcast a one-hour summary of the Agility World Championship in Turku on Sunday, September 22, according to the program preview. The program will be broadcast on the second station Yle TV2, on which primarily entertainment, sports and children’s and youth broadcasts are played. The summary of the Agility World Championship will be prominently broadcasted at 20.00 on Prime Time. Due to a country restriction, the program can only be received and viewed in Finland. With this summary of the Agility World Championships in the Finnish TV the dog sport reaches a new level. Although there were already formats in the past with the content agility on television, such as the Champ Dog Show Games on private television in Switzerland. There, however, was more the show than the competition itself in the foreground. Another example is the Agility World Championship last year in Sweden, where the organizers choose with SGPlay already a professional TV production company for the livestream. Even if the transmission was limited to the livestream and was not televised.

(22.09.2019 / 20:00) Yle TV2 – Agilityn MM


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