European Open 2021: Roman Lukac confirmed as judge while Jorge Pires reject

The FCI Committee met last weekend and dealt with various points. One of them was the European Open 2021 in Abrantes in Portugal and the judges for the event. The first name that leaked this week is that of Roman Lukac from Slovakia. He will be one of the judges who will be on the field in Portugal next summer. He published this in a post on Facebook during the Lord of the Winter Cup. Abrantes will be the so-called agility capital in 2021, with the staging of the European Open, the Junior Open Agility World Championships and the Border Collie Classics.

Statement Roman Lukac

What a great weekend! I will be the judge for EUROPEAN OPEN 2021 in Portugal, so much looking forward to this judging challenge

Jorge Pires was also intended to represent Portugal as judge. But he won’t do the job despite the honor which is associated with it. He will not be available to judge because he is also one of the two heads at the top of the organizational team and he want to do anything to contribute to the successes of this competitions. So far we have no information about who will take his place. So far, no confirmed information has been leaked about the other judges either.

Statement Jorge Pires

Lots of people, my friends, are asking me why I´m not going to judge the EO 2021 Abrantes Portugal. Thank you for taking me in so great account, and yes in a normal situation yes I would be one of the judges. I think the best thing an FCI judge can expect, as a judge, is to judge a world championship or a European Open Championship so do I. However I can´t forget that I´m the head of the JOAWC 2021 and EO2021 organization with Ezequiel Sousa and it is a job of great responsibility and I will do anything to contribute to the successes of this competition. So I want to be free and prepared to solve any problem that can arise. That´s why and I´m not sad for that. Thank you all for your support.

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