European Open 2019: Alone half of all gold medals goes to Germany

Once again there was no way around Germany in an international tournament. With three gold medals, they also win the overall standings in the medal table ahead of the Czech Republic and the Austrians. With three medals, the country won also the most medals. But they need to share this place with Latvia and France, who could win three medals too. Germany wins half of all decisions with three gold medals. An impressive performance. And almost another medal would have been added with Daniel Schröder and Cashew. Of the other three gold medals, two go to the Czech Republic through Tereza Kralova and the successful medium team and one to Werner Goltz from Austria.

As we split up the mix teams in our table, there are medals for Latvia, Estonia and Russia. This makes the performance of Latvia not less impressive. All three medals were scored by Svetlana Kreslina. As one of the smallest nations of the whole event a remarkable achievement. The same number of medals are scored by France. With the difference that France had a much larger team than Latvia. In fifth place is Russia, who also scored both medals with podium finishes with Mix Teams. Behind it comes Slovenia and the Netherlands. The medal by Maruša Podjed for Slovenia was expected, while they hoped for another one in the team competition. Also successful was the host nation Netherland, who surprisingly won a silver medal in the small team competition by Marissa Figee, Patrick Slokkers, Natasja Ebben and Anouk Herijgers. Belgium, Norway, Spain and Estonia each won a bronze medal.

Medal Table European Open 2019

 Gold  Silver  Bronze
1 Germany 3
2 Czech Republic 2
3 Austria 1 1
4  Latvia 2 1
  France 2 1
5 Russia 1 1
6 Slovenia 1
  Netherland 1
7 Belgium  1
  Norway  1
  Spain  1
  Estonia 1

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