D. Munnings: Conditioning exercises Part 1

After this great article on about lower back injuries in agility dogs:


I thought i would make some free videos to show some of the core conditioning exercises i like to do with my guys. Strengthening the core is the only way to protect our dogs backs from serious injuries.

This is part 1 and part 2 will be coming soon. There are so many exercises you can do to help create a strong core, but please remember to be safe. If your dogs are not super fit then start with the basics, don’t rush into using all the equipment and doing the super hard exercises, start on the floor and just work on their balance, what you see here in this video is me working my agility dogs who are very fit for purpose, they are conditioned and walked almost daily as well as agility trained 2/3times a week, so they can cope with the exercises im asking them to do here.

If you have any other exciting core exercises you do with your dogs feel free to post them in the comments below 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/267401606630208/posts/2041588902544794?sfns=cl

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