Course Design Challenge by Jane Elene Christensen

Danish star athlete and trainer Jane Elene Christensen has launched a new challenge in the Facebook group Agilitycourses. It is about designing as many different courses as possible from a field with fixed obstacles. It is allowed to change the direction of the seesaw and the jumps. It is not allowed to move the existing obstacles. In order to offer the participants a bit more possibilities, it is allowed to add three additional obstacles. The course can not be longer than 25 obstacles, and not shorter than 20.

To give the whole thing a special touch, various international judges were directly invited to participate in the challenge. Among others, Jan Egil Eide, Sari Mikkila, Stefanie Semkat, Tamás Tráj, Sascha Grunder or Jocke Tangfelt. But the challenge is not just for the judges, everyone is invited to participate. Closing date (with a personal message to Jane Elene Christen) is November 11th. Also will send a course to the challenge. We will introduce you some of the best courses in the end, and of course our idea aswell.


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