Swiss National Team: Urs Inglin and Anita Leonardi become new teamleaders

The carousel in the Swiss national team continues to revolve. Urs Inglin and Anita Leonardi will take over the management of the Swiss national team for the next few years. With these two new additions, stability and consistency should be brought back to the national team. Before them, Sascha Grunder, even vice president of the TKAMO took over this job ad interim. In mid-November, they announced that both he and the longtime member Marcel Magnin resigned as manager and coach. The two new entrants represent German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland. In addition, the two have excellent connections and bring a lot of experience into the team.

The job as the team manager provided in recent years for much talk. Especially as a few years ago the Austrian Rainer Woblistin was just nominated for this job. One big change compared to last years is the task area. The whole organizational and the financial part was transferred to the Kennel Association. They created a new authority for Sponsorship & Marketing. This should enable the team management to dedicate more and more to the sporting part. Another change is the new qualification system with corresponding places for the individual and the team competition. With that change were taken any space for further attacks.


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