BCC 2019: Registration starts on 1st October

According to the official homepage of the organiser of the Border Collie Classics 2019 in Germany, it will be possible from 1 October to register for the tournament until the 15 October.  Or as long as the maximum number of participants is reached. The registration is handled via the German portal «webmelden.de». It is recommended to set up a user account in advance, to not lose any time during the registration process. The Border Collie classics will be held in Timmel from the 2nd to the 4th of August. This is located in the north of Germany close to the Dutch border. Participation is open to all Border Collies with a pedigree recognized by the Kennel Club from the country of birth. On Friday and Saturday are the qualification runs. Then on Sunday will be two finals: the National Team Final and the Individual Grand Final.

Here is an excerpt from the rules regarding the qualification for the final. The results from the Agility 1, 2 and 3, and the Jumping 1, 2 and 3 will count for a place in the Individual Grand Final. For 3rd grade, the top 10 placed combinations (= handler & dog) per round will be invited to take part in the Individual Grand Final. For 2nd grade, the winners of each round will be invited to take part in de Individual Grand Final. This means that the maximum number of participants at this final will be 66. In the event that one or more combinations qualify at two or more courses, the open spaces will not be filled. The title „BCC2018 Champion“ will be awarded to the winner of the Individual Grand Final.

National teams will compete in the National Team Final on Sunday. Each national team consists of the three best 3rd Grade combinations and three best 2nd Grade combinations from that country. The combinations qualifying for the Team Final are determined by the combined results of the 3 agility courses run on Friday and Saturday, per Grade. If there are countries with less than 3 participants in 3rd Grade and/or less than 3 participanst in 2nd Grade, the organization will combine countries into ad hoc country teams.It is not allowed to replace the qualified combinations in a country team, f.i. in case of injury. In such case, the country team will run with less than 6 combinations. The National Team Final will be an Agility course. To determine the winning country in this Final, only the results of the four best combinations of a national team will count.

Source: https://bcc2019.stena.de/

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