B.A.C.K. 2020: Sandi Okanovic wins in Kreuth after almost five years since his EO title

Despite some favorites that, contrary to expectations, could not qualify for the final, the spectators were offered a great competition on site and on the live stream. Tereza Kralova and Say make a successful start to 2020 with a clear victory. Slovenia celebrates twice today with the victory of Ugrin Babunski with Pumi Freya as well as Sandi Okanovic and Sheltie Miya in the Medium and Small categories. A good place for Sandi Okanovic, who already won overall at the European Open 2015 in Kreuth.

During Friday Iwona Golab was the big dominator of the tournament, while her name was missing in the final on Saturday. She did not move in with Applause or SeeYa. Nevertheless, the final was still top-class. On the one hand with Tereza Kralova and Say, who took second place in the Gold Rush Competition in the old year, Nadine Alshut with Cinna, Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi, Mona Grefenstein with Qju and many others. Also on board in the final for the first time was Border Collie High, the offspring of Tereza Kralova. Although the two didn’t get a result, they showed that they can be reckoned with in the future. Nadine Alshut and Cinna were also eliminated in the final after an excellent run. There would surely have been a podium. One who gets a place on the podium was Croatian Zeljko Gora with Hash. He pushed Swiss Martin Brunner into fourth place by 0.21 seconds. In general, the Large Finale was very tight. There are only 2 seconds between 1st and 14th place. The second place went to the Polish Beata Luchowska with Malibu. Even if the gap between 1st and 14th is around 2 seconds, the winner Tereza Kralova has a lead of more than half a second over 2nd place. An impressive performance by the Czech, which once again brought the performance to the point.

Large (full results)
gold  Tereza Kralova with Say
gold Beata Luchowska with Malibu
gold Zeljko Gora with Hash

Two names were particularly missed in the medium tournament. That of Silas Boogk and that of Tamara Sedlmaier. After all, the World Champion and third place at the World Championship. Both missed the qualification after a strong Friday. Instead, the Slovenian Ugrin Babunski and Pumi Freya won the B.A.C.K. 2020. In front of the French Brenda Benatti with Fast and Anja Kunz with Lilly from Germany. The Medium teams clearly showed trouble with the course of the English judge Neil Ellis. Failures dominated the picture. Ugrin Babunski wins with a lead of more than 1.5 seconds and actually only had to tremble for a short moment when the Austrian Simone Ullrich-Pansi was on the course with Babou. Shortly before the end, the team got refusal in front of the slalom.

Medium (full results)
gold Ugrin Babunski with Freya
gold Brenda Benatti with Fast
gold Anja Kunz with Lilly

He did it again. Sandi Okanovic and Miya come back to the old place in Bavaria, where the successful career of the two really started. The two won the European Open 2015 on the sandy ground in Kreuth, and five years later, the B.A.C.K. 2020. For Slovenia a more than successful result with a win in the two categories Small and Medium. Although his victory was relatively clear with a lead of one second, Franziska Homburg still defied him well with You. Third place goes to the Junior European Open winner from last year Conni Raschbauer with LeGo. Thomas Berger and Maik Brands, who were also assigned a favorite role, were eliminated in the final.

Small (full results)
gold Sandi Okanovic with Miya
gold Franziska Homburg with You
gold Conni Raschbauer with LeGo

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