B.A.C.K. 2020: Iwona Golab, Nadine Alshut, Maurice Münch and Maik Brands dominate on first day

Two years have passed since the last edition of the B.A.C.K. 2020 was held. The anticipation for the first big tournament of the year in Bavaria, Germany near the Czech border is correspondingly great. In addition to the anticipation, the joy for Iwona Golab should predominate after the first day. In the A-run, the first run of the day, the Polish won first place with SeeYa and run on sixth place with Applause. Even in today’s jumping, she placed second on the podium with Border Collie SeeYa. Only Dani Lehrer with Tippi could beat her. Tereza Kralova is the strong third in this run. Before that, she and Say got a disqualification in the A-run. This weekend is a special one for the Czech anyway. Her young dog High is making a small debut on the international stage in class 1. A more than successful debut for them. She was second twice on an opening day. Nadine Alshut and Cinna also had a dream start and placed in both runs from today third. So tomorrow’s final in the Large category will be very exciting, even if today’s results are not part of the qualification.

The medium tournament is also endowed with many well-known names. For example, the reigning world champion Silas Boogk with Beam or the third-placed at the World Championship Tamara Sedlmaier with You. Both ran onto the podium on the first day and showed that we can count on them tomorrow. Silas Boogk and Beam won the A run, while Tamara Sedlmaier was a strong second in jumping. The only team that could defeat them was the German Lukas Aigner and Peach. Similar to how Nadine Alshut and Cinna did in the Large category, Maurice Münch, who also comes from Germany, finished third in both races. But even for all the mentioned names, this does not mean qualification for the final. Only the runs from Saturday flow into the classification. Only in the parallel running tournament to this, from one of the main sponsors, SWIT + has a rating that includes all runs of the tournament.

The day of Maik Brands and Sheltie Sissy with a first and a second-place was no less impressive. Especially because he was faster than Sandi Okanovic, the European Open winner from 2015, who took in that run the second place. A bit less than 5 years ago, he won the European Open, which was held also in the well-known equestrian center in Kreuth. Anyone who knows Sandi Okanovic knows that you can always count on him as soon as it counts. The Junior European Open winner Conni Raschbauer and LeGo also placed a small exclamation point on the first day with third place and only a little more time than the top. The final of the B.A.C.K. 2020 traditionally takes place on Saturday evening at around 8:00 p.m. Compared to today, there should also be a livestream for those who stayed at home.


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