AWC 2019: Well-known faces represent Luxembourg at the World Championship

Last weekend, the fifth and final World Championship qualification was on the program in Luxembourg. As in the previous year, the team consists almost traditionally to a large extent of younger starters. Dan Feyder with Iskren wins the large qualification with 4 points ahead of Julie Celmar and Busy Bee. Julie Celmar showed consistently strong results and was the only one who brought every single qualification run to the finish line. Winner Dan Feyder’s lead narrowed towards the end. With a second place in the last Jumping, he secured his place in the national team definitely. The Large Team is completed by Serge Speicher with Aida and Mike Peter with Limit. All Large Teams will start both singles and team competitions. Romain Gaspar and Laena will travel as a reserve team to Turku, Finland.

Unmatched and confident Natascha Seuré with New also secured the qualification victory in the medium tournament. With 72 points, 11 less than the winner, is Jill Wissler on second place with Rocky. Also in the team as a single and team runner is Julie Celmar with her second dog Ink. Sheryl Gaub will complete the team. However, she will only start in the team competition. In the small qualification, the young Becky Schiltz wins again with Dizzy. She is, as Julie Celmar also twice represented in the team. With Dizzy and youngster Mii. While Dizzy will run both competitions, is Mii only a part of the team competition. Also in the team competition starts Anna Winkel with Mini. The team is completed by Gioia Hörold and Smiley, who finishes the qualification with 10 points behind Becky Schiltz in second place. As in previous years, the team will be headed by Rolli Schiltz and Nancy Schiltz.

 Dan Feyder with Iskren (individual and team)
Serge Speicher with Aida (individual and team)
 Mike Peter with Limit (individual and team)
Julie Celmar with Busy Bee (individual and team)
Romain Gaspar with Laena (reserve)

Natascha Seuré with New (individual and team)
Jill Wissler with Rocky (individual and team)
Julie Celmar with Ink (individual and team)
Sheryl Gaub with Mew (team)
Sandy Welfringer-Singer with Merlin (reserve)

Becky Schiltz with Dizzy (individual and team)
Gioia Hörold with Smiley (individual and team)
Becky Schiltz with Mii (team)
Anna Winkel with Mini (team)


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