AWC 2019: Let’s take a look at the medals from this World Championships

Germany leaves Finland as the clear overall winner in the medal table with four gold medals and a silver medal. This leaves it the only nation that has won more than one gold medal. Only two of the six gold medals went to other countries. And even more impressive is the performance of Germany, if we look at the fact, that they were not represented in just a single podium. The Large Individual competition. Even there wasn’t that much missing for a possible podium by Anne Lenz or Mona Grefenstein. Shortly after the competitions, the quote “Agility is a sport where 400 people compete for four days and in the end of Germany wins” became established in the social media.

«Agility is a sport where 400 people compete for four days and in the end Germany wins».

The other two gold medals go to Russia and Spain, which take second and third place in the medal ranking. Thanks to the silver medal in the small team competition, Russia is ahead of the Spaniards. Thus, the Spaniards were again present at this World Championship omnipresent in almost all decisions. In some places, perhaps there was still a little bit of luck left. The gold medal of the Large Team certainly ensures another boost in motivation in the increasingly strong Spain. A small fringe story is the silver medal of the Czech Medium team. Now for the third time in a row, the team lands in second place.

 Gold  Silver  Bronze
1 Germany 4 1
2 Russia 1 1
3 Spain 1
4 Czech Republic 1 1
5 Luxembourg  1
Sweden 1
Estonia 1
6 France 2
7 Italy 1
Austria  1
United Kingdom 1

In fifth place several nations qualified with each one silver medal. Luxembourg, Sweden and Estonia. For the small country of Luxembourg, the medal of Mike Peter in the Large Individual competition is a huge success. And a nice ending for the longtime team leaders and supervisors Nancy and Rolli Schiltz, who held this function in Finland for the last time. From then on, the two might still be seen as starters or certainly as fans of daughter Becky Schiltz. For Sweden, this silver medal by Anne Karlsson was a liberation, after the last unluckful World Championship in their own country last year.

Estonia was the fourth year in a row again very strong. For a likewise relatively small country, they brought some top placements. Crowned by the silver medal of Marta Miil. Shortly Kaisa Tsäro missed another medal for Estonia with fourth place in Medium competition. France, next to Germany also every year a diligent medal collector is classified with two bronze medals in sixth place. For the French, the World Championship in Finland should have been rather mixed. With a bronze medal each, Italy, Austria and the UK finished in 7th place. There were no medals for host Finland. Elina Jänesniemi was very close, but then retired in the end with a disqualification. Switzerland and Slovenia also remained without a medal.

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