AWC 2019: Jérémy Chomiennes late satisfaction

France has also published its squad for the 2019 World Cup after last weekend ( reported). Among the qualified teams is Jérémy Chomienne, a team that would not be qualified in points. However, he and Border Collie Page benefit from a derogation, which the French federation had already announced during the last World Championship in Sweden. The reason goes back to last year, when Jérémy Chomienne could qualify quite clearly for the World Championship 2018. Actually. In retrospect, it turned out that the team did not fulfill an important aspect of the FCI’s rules for participation on an official tournament. Page’s pedigree had not been registered as prescribed six months before the World Championship in the French register, the «Livre des Origines Français». This entry is mandatory for dogs of foreign descent. The official rule is as follows:

«The dog must have a pedigree recognised by the FCI. It must have been registered with the studbook/appendix of the country for which it will compete for a minimum of 6 months.»

Particularly bitter in this case was that the registration in the Central Canine Society of the French Agility Association had been completed for more than six months, but was not communicated to the French Cynological Association. The case sparked a debate in France, especially as it involved Alice Laforge and Border Collie Tesla in addition to Jérémy Chomienne. Both had to be replaced before the World Championship. Although France put all the levers in motion to allow the two still participation, but in vain. Even the attempts of President Jean-Claude Metans were unsuccessful. A point in which the FCI really strong insisting on the rules. There were similar cases in other nations. For example, in 2009, when Switzerland also had to retire the two teams Claudia Schwab and Nicolas Giraudi before the World Championship, for the same reason.

In France, they made afterward the fair and generous decision that both of them can participate for the 2019 World Championship in Finland. On the condition that both register and participate in the qualification. This proposal of the French association assures Jérémy Chomiennes and Page the 2019 World Championship participation. He was announced at the end of last years tournament in Sweden as the first member of the World Championship team 2019. The Frenchman already has several participations. For example, in 2009 in Austria, in 2012 in the Czech Republic or in 2014 in Luxembourg. Now, a good year later, he receives his personal satisfaction with the announcement of the official squad for 2019.

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