AWC 2019: France’s delegation for Finland

Last weekend, was with France in another country the final decision about the World Championship and European Open participation. The Grande Nation has been regarded as a diligent medal collector at World Championships for years. Not surprisingly, the country also leads the medal table of all past World Championships. This year’s team, which consists of a lot of experienced teams, should also build on these successes. Only Jérémy Chomienne was already fixed in advance as a participant after he was unable to attend last year due to a formal error.

Christelle Riot Bretecher with Mayev
Hélène Cibois with Mistral
Anthony Guillemot with Inox
David Mignot with Hina
Christelle Riot Bretecher with Star
Céline Lescure with Petra
Jérémy Chomienne with Page

Maëlle Desmery with Iummy
Mickael Renaud with Ta
Cédric Bargoin with Idwall
Benjamin Maitre with Nakhal
Virginie Bruna with Ice Tea

Clémentine Perche with I’m Lucky Star
Julien Orand with Maybe
Nathalie Anstett with Jaïpanema
Pauline Mignot with Larkenstone Magical Story
Franck Barget with Just Do It


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