AWC 2019: Brazil is a few weeks before World Championship still without any sponsors

It takes just a bit more than three weeks until the nations from all over the world come together for the 2019 Agility World Championships in Turku, Finland. In the Facebook group «Agility Europe», Renan Andrade Campos has now written on behalf of the Brazilian team. The team desperately needs extra money to finance the high costs of traveling overseas. Compared to all previous years, the national team is three weeks before the tournament is held in Finland still without sponsors. According to him, the whole trip costs about 2’500 Euros per participant. Extrapolated to all participants this is more than the association generates revenue over the whole year. In previous years, part of the costs were covered by the association, by the participants itself and by a large number of sponsors. Now, they hope in the favor of the other European agility athletes, that the missing money can be won by donations, so that they can send a complete team to Turku.

Brazilian AWC Team
 Antonella Corsini
 Felipe Minet
 Fernanda Lesnau
 Leandro Gandini
 Jose Luiz
 Marcela De Andrade Checcia
 Gabriela Almeida
 Ricardo Tubaldini Nunes
 Renan Andrade Campos


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