AWC 2018: Sheltie Leela from Columbia still missing

Yesterday, a week ago, the female Sheltie Leela from Colombia disappeared in Kristianstad beside the Agility World Championship. For days, targeted searches, including with specially trained dogs (IDdog), several volunteers, the municipality Kristianstad and of course the owners themselves, instead. This impressive wave of solidarity also brought local radio and television stations on the scene, which then also reported about the case Leela. Yesterday in the local newspaper “kristianstadsbladet” was also an article about this topic appeared.

Sheltie Leela escaped fright during a walk near the arena last Wednesday. Since then she has been seen again and again. All attempts to capture or lure them have failed so far. After remaining calm for a while, there was a sighting on October 7th. First, it was initially unclear whether this was really Leela. Shortly thereafter, there was the confirmation, whereupon the search area could be clearly limited.

Over a group set up on Facebook, various search teams were formed and observation posts were set up and organized. Due to the escape mode, the experts are extremely cautious. The search parties are to renounce calls and attempts to catch Leela. It is still hoped that she will come on her own. Due to the ongoing search, a lot of people have collected donations to support the search in this way on Facebook. The planned 500 euros were reached within a few hours. Meanwhile, around 600 sympathizers have collected 12,000 euros for the search.


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