AWC 2018: If suddenly milliseconds count

45 teams within three seconds. Two teams sharing first place and two teams sharing second place. The third day in Sweden offered some curious scenes. Nicolas Giraudi wins the Large Jumping in front of the Canadian Jessica Patterson. In the medium tournament share Ina Himle from Norway and Silas Boogk the victory. The Danish Natasha Gjerulff did not have to think about sharing something, she winning the victory ahead of Alberto Marmo and Pavol Vakonic, who both reach the finish line at the same time.

Rarely have so many teams been still in the race for the medals after the jumping, like this year in the Large Tournament. Nicola Giraudi set his best time relatively early. And this 33.33 second from him should be enough until the end. Neither Tereza Kralova, Anne Lenz, Max Sprinz, Lisa Frick, Radovan Liska and many other big names could beat the time in distress. Jessica Patterson came up to a few tenths of a second at the time. Ironically, in the home World Championship, it won’t work for the otherwise secure Jenny Damm. Shortly after the start their hopes were over. Not much further came the Latvian Svetlana Kreslina, who was able to win the jumping last year. Otherwise, the favorite extinction was largely gone. And Sweden can still hope with Jouni Orenius (35.) and Ebba Eriksson (47.).

Large Jumping Individual (Full results)

  1.  Nicola Giraudi with Eira (33.33)
  2.  Jessica Patterson with Lux (33.52)
  3.  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi (33.76)
  4.  Dave Munnings with Fame (33.80)
  5.  Jeremias Simson with Peach (33.93)
  6.  Tereza Kralova with Say (34.14)
  7.  Olena Buhlova with Fora (34.29)
  8.  Radovan Liska with Ory (34.43)
  9.  Max Sprinz with Bäxx (34.52)
  10.  Silvan Zumthurm with Penny (34.52)

Silas Boogk and Ina Himle were brought into distress today only by Daniel Schröder. But, the second last pole fell during the run from the German and the time was worthless. But that the first two had exactly the same time was curious and voices after a more accurate measurement were loud. On the third or second place is the Swede Anna Karlsson, who will, however, be under great pressure tomorrow. Bozena Schröder retired prematurely with a disqualification. Silvia Trkman gets 5 penalty points. 30 teams will tackle the last run tomorrow without any mistakes from the Jumping run.

Medium Jumping Individual (Full results)

  1.  Ina Himle with Wii (32.48)
  2.  Silas Boogk with Beam (32.48)
  3.  Anne Karlsson with Bonnie (33.25)
  4.  Jennifer Crank with Swift (33.68)
  5.  Magdalena Domanska with Mora (33.77)
  6.  Martina Magnoli Klimesova with Kiki (33.79)
  7.  Eliska Kaletova with Jive (33.90)
  8.  Tom Elsen with Lupe (34.06)
  9.  Svetlana Gushchina with Torpeda (34.45)
  10.  Felipe Minet with Corah (34.55)

In small jumping Natasha Gjerulff wins relatively well ahead of the Italian Alberto Marmo and Pavol Vakonic from Slovakia. Both also with the exact same time. Only very close behind them is Sandi Okanovic with the third or fourth place. Tobias Wüst is classified just behind it. Sweden is still in the race despite the disqualification of Enya Habel, who has been on a good way to set the absolute best time. Jocke Tangfelt is currently seventh and Sandra Sjöberg is in ninth. In addition to Enya Habel, Eli Beathe Saether, Claudia Schwab and Clementine Perche got also a disqualification. Although Marta Miil from Estonia remained clean, but had to take a time-consuming safe after the weave.

Small Jumping Individual (Full results)

  1.  Natasha Gjerulff with Moviestar (32.06)
  2.  Alberto Marmo with Dhitta (32.81)
  3.  Pavol Vakonic with Meryl (32.81)
  4.  Sandi Okanovic with Miya (32.87)
  5.  Tobias Wüst with Dörte (33.04)
  6.  Adriano Pacifico with Po (33.53)
  7.  Jocke Tangfelt with Bella (34.09)
  8.  Bozena Schröder with Cap (34.12)
  9.  Sandra Sjöberg with Milla (34.20)
  10.  Irene Yrstad with Twix (34.32)

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