AWC 2018: Germany succeeds during the opening day

Sweden surprised everyone again. And that already during the opening ceremony. While in all the previous World Championships the teams had to stay in the ring after the march into the hall, until the end of the ceremony. In Sweden the teams were left straight to the grandstand after a round of Honor. The majority welcomed this approach. And there wasn’t really anyone surprised that everything is a little bit different in Sweden. When the official and especially for the World Championship composed song was played over the loudspeakers, then it was clear to all, this will be four great days in Sweden. Sporty and as well the whole atmosphere.

Somehow the teams had enough from the eternal waiting in addition to the short but intensive training and the rigorous veterinary checks. It was pleasing for most when Andreas Silfverberg finally took the plan in his hand and conducted the bustling helpers around. Team Jumping Large. And there was a real firework from Nicolas Giraudi with Eira from Italy. And his team did the Same. Place one in front of the local matadors from Sweden. In the end, Nicolas Giraudis time was also the fastest clean run. Latvia or the Flyland connection was placed behind Sweden. All dogs come from the same breed. And what happened with favorite German? With a disqualification and five error points, they are ranked 17th at the moment. A medal is not impossible, but the chances of it are more than meager.

Team Large Jumping (Results)
 Italy (Giraudi, Bustreo, Penazzato, Bergamasco)
 Sweden (Damm, Damm, Eriksson, Orenius)
Latvia (Loginova, Grigore, Akimova, Kreslina)

The Germans have preserved the Medal chances in the Medium competition. The first rank ensures a good starting position for the Agility run. Daniel Schröder and Cashew also get the best time. Overall, the lead to second place is indescribable 4 seconds. The second place goes a bit surprisingly to Brazil. Of course, anything but undeserved. Third will be the favorite Czech Republic. It just might be hard to cram the 4 second hole between Germany. By its own power, this is likely to be a feat. France is another two seconds behind it. Just ten teams are still in the race for some medals. All others have at least two disqualifications and are no longer counted,

Team Medium Jumping (Results)
 Germany (Graf, Schröder, Schröder, Boogk)
 Brasil (Francoso, Specian, Minet, Filho)
 Czech Republic (Kaletova, Mokrisova, Maderova, Klimesova)

Even the small competition is currently in German hands. But step by step. Several teams struggled in vain for the fastest time of the Estonians. These brought four fast runs to the finish. And already there it became clear, that it will be hard to beat them. The best time lasted until practically the end. But just almost. Then Germany came into the tournament. And these, especially Tobias Wüst with Doerte also made four clean runs. Simply Tobias Wüst made the difference today. The race with the Swedes today promised a lot of excitement for the last run. These came relatively close to the Germans. And Sweden has Enya Habel as the joker for the Agility run. Today, she hadn’t a clean run.

Team Small Jumping (Results)
 Germany (Schlathölter, Brands, Schröder, Wüst)
 Sweden (Lövdinger, Sjöberg, Habel, Tangfelt)
 Estonia (Miil, Piirsalu, Brand, Raamat)


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