Magna Racino 2019 with free livestream

14. November 2018 s v 0

The organizers of the Magna Racino Open announced yesterday via Facebook that the 2019 event can be watched for free. It will be transmitted by the streaming provider In times of paid streams, this […]

Twelve judges for Avallon 2019

11. November 2018 s v 0

Judges Avallon 2019  Sari Mikkilä  Joffrey Adyns  Mark Fonteijn  Eric Courant  Bonnik Berthelsen  David Desoubrie  Tamas Traj  Michel Perain  Lee Gibson  Dominique Prin  Barrie James  Linda Bourasse

Gasahoppet will be held 2019 again

11. November 2018 s v 0

During the last week, it was announced that the Gasahoppet will be held again next year. Traditionally, the tournament is held in Sweden on the Easter days. In the coming year, Easter falls on the […]

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