Anne Lenz travels to Dortmund as German qualification winner

Two weeks ago, the last prequalification for the small and medium dogs in Germany was held. This weekend followed now the last decision for the large teams. The big dominator in the “Hundesportzentrum NRW” this weekend was Anne Lenz and Itzi Bitzi, who win the qualification with a 110 points lead. Despite a not quite optimal Saturday. Second overall is Phillipp Müller-Schnick with Boost. The two rehabilitated after a miserable second qualifying day and collected eagerly points on the last two days. Also a moderate second qualification day some weeks ago had Daniel Schröder with Gin. On home soil in the HSZ, the two also started to catch up, which finally towed them to third place. Behind them are Anne Hinze, Tobias Wüst and Max Sprinz. The winner of last years European Open had a mixed Qualification too with some great results, but also some setbacks. In the end, however, it is still enough for the final round with a safe sixth place. As defending champion is he automatically qualified for the European Open. This benefits Jana Kniest and Gwen, who slip down as 17th.

Overall results Large

The first 16 places are automatically qualified for the European Open 2019 in the Netherlands, while the best 37 dogs with pedigree are one step further and can go to the final round. From 17th to 19th May, the final round will be held in Dortmund, as part of the Hund & Katz exhibition. Anne Lenz qualifies alongside Itzi Bitzi with Chi too for the European Open. Surprisingly missed Mona Grefenstein with Qju the European Open by 2 points. Also Nadine Alshut with Cinna struggled in the European Open qualification due to many dropped bars. We will provide you during the week with some voices and statements from the large qualification.

Participants European Open Large
 Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
 Phillipp Müller-Schnick with Boost
 Daniel Schröder with Gin
 Anna Hinze with May
 Tobias Wüst with Red
 Max Sprinz with Bäxx (defending champion)
 Nadine Hartlieb with Anakin
 Nicole Münker with Nike
 Christiane Fischbach with Jive
 Christian Prinz with It’s All Mine
 Anne Lenz with Chi
 Melanie Kadereit with Io
 Daniela Lehrer with Tippi
Kerstin-Susanne Frankemöll with Brice
 Christian Prinz with Wake
 Mariha Bünsch with Merci
 Jana Kniest with Gwen

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