Amadeus World Cup 2018: Gold for Anne Lenz, Hansi Weberling and Thomas Berger in the mozart city

The ninth edition of the Amadeus World Cup is already history again. Although Salzburg presented itself with beautiful spring weather anything other than Christmas, the special atmosphere that exudes the Amadeus World Cup was still there. It was the big weekend of Anne Lenz. She dominated the qualification, the small final and in the end the big final in the American modus. Also in the medium tournament was Germany in the lead at the end. A visibly touched Hansi Weberling with Sheltie Momo wins in front of Mareike Hirschfeld. In the small category runs Thomas Berger from Austria an almost flawless tournament with Noobsi and asserts itself at the end against fellow favorite Lucie Krauskopfkova.

Christiane Fischbach and Jive couldn’t defeat their title from the previous year. The tournament was over for them in the small final on Sunday morning. Also Mona Grefenstein and Qiu, Tereza Kralova and Say, Nina Gregl with Wai or Pavol Vakonic and Ikea got stuck in this. For 16 large teams, the tournament continued in the American modus, where the direct matches were drawn by lot. Anne Lenz, who was the only one to qualify in the Large category with two dogs, was in the comfortable position of saving her second run. This after a close duel against Lisa Frick and Jack which she could decide with a 0.09 second gap. In the second round, she met herself and chose Itzi Bitzi instead of Chi for the rest of the tournament. On the other side of the tournament tree, fellow favorite Marusa Podjed and Lexceeding fought their way through the tournament. Surprisingly, only until round two. The two got too many faults and the duel went to Christiane Eisl and Foxi. In the semifinals was Anne Lenz then again slightly distressed by Isabella Stefl and Escalade. The Austrian came with 0.63 seconds close to the German. After all, the strong performance of the Austrian was still rewarded in the duel for third place. She secures the bronze medal in the direct duel against Christiane Eisl. In the grand final, Anne Lenz met the young team Lukas Risi and Rumble. But Anne Lenz didn’t bother anything in the final and ran again two sovereign and clean runs and wins the Amadeus World Cup 2018.

Large (Full results)
gold  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
gold  Lukas Risi with Rumble
gold  Isabella Stefl with Escalade

The big Dominator of the qualification Werner Goltz failed with Esmeralda and X.L. in the small final on Sunday morning. He had a refusal with both dogs there. Also for the German high-flyers Silas Boogk was the chapter Amadeus World Cup 2018 on Sunday morning already finished. However, the podium was also without Silas Boogk Black, red and gold colored. Hansi Weberling with Sheltie Momo win the tournament in front of compatriot Mareike Hirschfeld with Feifel. The German needed a few minutes before he had realized what happened and what he had just won. The obligatory lap of honor also fell victim to the emotions. Third place goes to Arpad Pirity with Demo from Hungary. He beat in the small final Barbara Bozek.

Medium (Full results)
gold  Hansi Weberling with Momo
gold  Mareike Hirschfeld with Feifel
gold  Arpad Pirity with Demo

With Lizandra Ströhle was beside Anne Lenz a second person with two dogs in the American mode. Unlike Anne Lenz, she could not benefit from the small advantage. She left with both dogs a bit unhappy in the first round. Rene Almberger and the favorite from the Czech Republic, Lucie Krauskopfova, went one lap further instead of Lizandra Ströhle. Not surprisingly was Sandi Okanovic with Miya in the American final too. He was during the whole tournament in front and finished also the small final in the morning on second place. But even his tournament was finished after the first duel, way earlier than predicted. He had with Thomas Berger and Noobsi, the future winners of Amadeus World Cup 2018, not an easy ticket. In the end it was a refusal too much. The Austrian subsequently met Giulia Zurma and Lolitta from Italy. Thomas Berger was able to win the duel either and moved into the final. There was Lucie Krauskopfkova, the next big contender waiting for him. The normally so secure Czech, quarreled in the finals with a jump start and a refusal. Thus Thomas Berger had to run more or less only to the finish.

Small (Full results)
gold  Thomas Berger with Noobsi
gold  Lucie Krauskopfkova with Kessy
gold  Giulia Zurma with Lolitta

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